Dear Students,

Welcome to English! I look forward to a fun and exciting year! Together, we will become a community of confident, skillful writers. Through reading model texts, writing about those texts, writing our own texts, and reflecting about the work we are doing, we will discover the writer in each of us. By year’s end, you will be amazed at your growth and you will have a portfolio of work to show for it.

In addition, you will also strengthen the skills necessary for the transition to the next grade level, where the work will continue. Put in 100%, ask questions and come with an open mind. You may surprise yourself and have a great time!
Throughout the year, you will find that my wiki is a valuable source of information. I post the daily lessons, homework, links to helpful websites/activities and accompanying documents and handouts. Please check it regularly. The address is Take some time to read the four rules of life below; for those of you interested in acting and comedy, they may be familiar. These are commonly known as the rules of improv. However, we will use them for more than just improv; following these "rules" will build our foundation of trust and respect from which we grow!

Sincerely, Mrs. Connelly J
Four Rules of Life
Say “Yes”
Accept and Build on Others’ Offers
Make Your Partner Look Good
Work at the Top of Your Intelligence